Tuesday, April 17, 2012

new stuff....hello kitty....sweet glitters!

 so this is more of whats been going on recently.....i got a new hk shirt that i wore last week to school so of course i had to do hk nails to match....i used my matte topcoat. ive been into matte lately....the bows are clay things that i bought from ebay awhile back. i took a short cut...

i saw the below nails on s blog somewhere but i cant remember where. wanted to give it a try....however after i painted the black lines on, i wasnt feeling it anymore so i did something easy peasy to my other hand so i could go to bed....i guess i'll call them 'date night" due to the kissy face, tux, corset, and hearts....the original design i saw didnt have the corset...and btw, my black is awfully dry...i need to get a new one :/

the below polish is something i recently got in the mail. i cant remember the etsy shop i got it from...but i think it was all that glitters. i have to add that this is my first jellyish polish and im not too thrilled with the jelly fad going on...it turned brown when i stuck little jewel hears on it and it was hard for me to get it off. but the big hexagon glitter is cool. i havent gotten a heart outta the bottle yet, like this pic, hence gluing my own on.

sneeze breeze is awesome! i saw it and instantly fell in love. it shipped uber quick too! but anyways, the glitter isnt overly sparkly although it is a little bright change compared to my black and white designs that i do all the time. it is a thicker polish due to all the glitter but i had no problem applying it at all! just fingers crossed it comes off as easily when i remove it!

the below pic is sneeze breeze over white polish. 2 coats of the glitter. i added the above hexagon/heart polish over top..not getting any hearts after digging for awhile. i gave up and just said heck with it. but yeah...sneeze breeze and the glitter posted up above. 1 coat white, 2 sneeze breeze, and like 3 of the hexagon.

sneeze breeze can be bought here

i also have to add that i have been patiently (insert sarcasm) waiting to get my hands on these polishes and put my name on the wait list like everyday w/o hearing any good news :( if anyone can point me in the right direction to get them i'd be soooooooo thankful!


  1. Brilliant, amazing handwork. I really want this nail art over my finges.
    Angelina Clark from Hello Kitty Wallet .

  2. awww those are some amazing nails! love the HK and the tux so cute!!! you are awesome!