Monday, June 24, 2013

HEY! why you no update?!

well....i haven't updated in 22 days! holy poop! i have a slew of excuses but i will just say: i was busy.
but apparently i did more nail designs in the past 22 days than i thought. they were lazy designs. i will start off with some new colors. i cant remember the order of the designs that i did

but these are colors that i got in my june maven box. also in the box was DD cream, which i do not like. in my opinion, it is too thick. the BB is thin, DD is thick. is there a CC that is the perfect consistency?? but i am glad that i now finally have a regular green polish color.

 i also got new polish from rainbow polish. i got taffy and cupcake. yes, i was in the mood for sweets. the pictures that i took werent that great. i took them at night and the flash was too flashy. the light from the lamps didnt work either. so oh well.
 i had cupcake on my fingers and taffy on my tootsies.


 this was just a paint job. i wanted to use those new bright colors i got and try my new glitter (that resembles floam) and i didnt know what color to pick so i picked them all.

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