Sunday, June 2, 2013

serious polish haul!

the weekend was date night since hubby had drill and we were kid free. while in between dinner and the movie we were pissing around at walmart cause really, what else is there to do?? while he was stocking up on stuff for his up coming 3 week AT :( i couldnt help but wonder down the polish aisle. there was nothing too great there, but in the other hba aisles i found these. i was really pissed that these polishes were under $4 and the floam that i bought form ninja polish was almost $10. THEY HAVE ONE IN THE SALON PERFECT BRAND THAT LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE FLOAM!!!!!! i couldnt believe it. so i got all of the other matte glitter polishes that are like floam but different colors. i didnt do swatches on my nails because well, i didnt feel like taking my polish off. 

i am not thrilled with this julep add on. it is supposed to be white (which it is) with little gold glitters in it. well as you can tell from the swatch, no little glitter is showing. really irritates me. i hope the rest of my order comes tomorrow....and i hope they are up to par.

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