Monday, June 24, 2013

its so shiny im gonna die!

okay, i did the first one to match i a skirt that i was going to wear for my friend's 21st bday party but right before i left the house, i decided to change my outfit therefor having to change my nails. 

i scored these chromed out nail hickies at ulta when i was there last. it came with hickies for finger nails and toe nails. best part, they were on sale! ($2.99) i like this brand better than the sally hansen brand BY FAR. they stayed on longer, which out having to put nail glue or polish around the edges. and, unlike the sally hansen version, they are thicker and not in those stupid little air tight containers that once you open, you are screwed if you dont use all of them right away. (in case you are wondering, i have ones that i havent used and not they do not stick, at all, to my nails. so more than half of them from a package are wasted. if anyone knows how to get them to stick again, PLEASE let me know because i dont want to throw them all away.)

the red is my favorite red that i always use from julep. i would probably marry it if i could!

the black is the leather finish from sephora. there was a biker rally in town this past weekend so yeah, the leather was perfect. 

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