Wednesday, February 27, 2013

gel polish day 3

no chips yet on day three....still holding up through cleaning, working out, and showers. however, i am bored with them. my boredom might over take the 2 week challenge. AHHH!!!!!!! 

gel polish day 2

day 2 (if you want to count this as day two. i did them when the walking dead was on so idk if you want to could that as a day or not since i did them then played some call of duty, then went to bed)....still holding up through my work out, washing dishes, shower, making dinner, and more dishes....

YES the pointer nail is flawed! cat hair and dog hair stick to the gel polish until they are wiped down with rubbing alcohol aaaannnnddddd of course my cat wanted to snug an he wanted to snug with my sticky nails. 

gel 1

soooooooooooooooo....remember the box said that the wraps will last 2 weeks with the gel polish top coat on them? so i am going to test that out. 

this is day one.....when i first did them. i used the wraps and my raspberry gel polish.

new stuff....

got some new stuff....

has anyone see these in walmart. i wanted to see how they would work.

this is what came in the box. only thing that is different about what is in this box is the bottle of gel top coat. so if you already have that, just buy the regular nail strips and save yourself some money. i paid $14 and some change for the box. the nail strips alone cost, what? $6? 

but all you do is apply the nail strips, like always, then put the gel top coat over it and cook it under your UV light. i was afraid to try them since my nails are STILL suffering from the last time that i used the gel polish :/

also snagged these beauties.....

freedom is read glitter with silver stars and blue hexi glitters. figured it would be perfect for the summer holidays. never satisfied is blue glitter with pink and gold hexis in it.

while searching for swatches of the new colors online and i found a swatch of SUGAR COOKIE...i love it and apparently i missed it during christmas at walmart :(

barbed hearts (last vday design)

okay folks! so my hubby returned (YAY)! still waiting on that bday cake tho...hint hubs! so here is the last installation of my vday designs (that i am going to label a vday design). as stated last year, vday designs can be done anytime of the year. wish the same could be said about halloween designs :/ AAAANNNNYYYYWAYS i did hearts with barbed wire on them. as always, inspiration is listed below.....

i painted them from memory (from when i saw the pic) so i forgot that there was a whole heart on the one finger nail or else i woulda done that....poop

Friday, February 15, 2013

broken, bleeding hearts

my loyal few followers that have been here for awhile know that 1. my birthday was on the 13th and 2. my husband is in the military. this year my husband was called to go to Connecticut to help with snow removal. apparently there is a crap ton up there. so he left leaving me planless for bday & vday hence the broken, bleeding hearts. so yea, he owe me a cake when he gets home which is hopefully sooner rather than later. 

well my sister asked me to go to dinner (there is a restaurant here that gives you $15 off your bill for your bray so i got to eat for free!) with her for my bday so major kudos to her for not letting me sit at home all day cleaning. but i didnt have time to do my nails so i had nasty naked nails. blah! also it snowed on my bday! it does every year but this year it was extra pretty!

inspiration below

my sister insisted on trying the milky way martinis. vodka and i do not mix me a huge stomach ache and its not pretty but i figured what the heck and tried it. was not good. tasted like chocolate milk with vodka in it (a yuck for both of those)


when i got home from my bday night with my sister i had 2 packages on my porch which im surprised no one took. but the one package was a bracelet from my hubby. i opened it and cried. ive wanted a charm bracelet FOREVER...

the second package was flowers from my mom and dad in florida. again, i cried when i opened them. 29 years old and ive never had flowers sent to me (probably cause my hubby is allergic and my cats eat them) but yea i was a bawl baby

they are pretty but imagine how fitting black roses or black flowers would been. lol

dont mind the counter mess. it was the only place i could put the flowers where my cat wouldnt eat them. that was my, school work, and nails. 

more hearts

neither of these designs lasted on my nails. i hated both of them immediately after i did them. 

i have a problem when i use tape for nail art. i get impatient and take the tape off too soon resulting in unclean lines. i hated it!

Sunday, February 10, 2013


soooo yep i got my hands on some flocking powder. it was on sale at michaels. i paid less than $3.99 for 6 bottles of it. granted they are WAAAAY to bright for my liking (id be happy with red, white, and black ones...of course) but i couldnt pass the deal up. i have no clue what flocking powder is even supposed to be used for, other than nail art, so i will probably never use it conventionally (just like the microbeads) but oh well. just another thing to add to my huge, overflowing nail art tote. 

and i know that the last bottle of the powder looks red, but its not. its more like a fuchsia. 

so here is what i did with it...for a night...then took it off cause fuzzies stick to it like crazy and i couldnt stop rubbing the fuzziness of the powder on my nails. yea yea...texture....

so i have something else up my sleeves to try for tomorrow (?) or whenever i have another date/appointment to leave my house. i never go anywhere since all my classes are online this semester and i workout in my living room. no point in doing my nails for jillian michaels to see....... 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

i got a heart on! (lol sorry couldnt help it)

soooooo this is what i have been up to. the first 2 pics were done in a couple minutes for a surprise date night. i couldnt decide if i was going to wear leopard, zebra, black, or red for my dinner date so i just put a combo of all on my nails. ultimately i decided to wear zebra. but these only lasted a day before i started picking it off.

the nails below are my friend's nails. i saw a pic online in my fb news feed and wanted to try it. she wanted bright colors so i grabbed a couple and headed to her boyfriend's house to paint her nails while her bf and my hubby worked on my jeep. i did it by first putting clear on a baggie, then crackle, then more clear. after it dried i picked it off and cut out heart shapes. 

i liked it so much that i decided to do it to my nails too...of course in my trademark red, black, and white colors that i always go to.

and well i was thinking about getting this tool box to put all my stuff in that i have because when someone wants me to go to their house and bring my nail stuff, its getting really hard and heavy to carry all my totes full of junk. the tool box has a handle and wheels so i could just wheel it around. i had it it my shopping cart last time i was at walmart and put it back because i didnt know where to store it in my house. hubby has one in the basement.....maybe i should steal his ;)